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Baddesley Beadle

Read the latest Baddesley Beadle for June 2021 magazine. Now available.

Please note that the Baddesley Beadle is no longer run by the Parish Council but will continue as an independent magazine.  The next edition is due out in December 2021.



Hoe Lane Roadworks - From 6 December 2021 to 6 April 2022

HCC has given notice that works will commence in Hoe Lane from 6 December 2021 to 6 April 2022 to create passing places.  Please click on the link below for more details:


Hampshire Highways Planned Maintenance Works by Operation Resilience

As part of the annual programme of works being undertaken by Operation Resilience, we will shortly be undertaking surface treatment works on the footways in various locations. The purpose of the treatment, which consists of a Footway Micro Asphalt, is to preserve the footway in good condition for the longest possible time. It seals the structure from water ingress, arresting the formation of defects.

The works are now in a programme and are due to start within the next three weeks. Please see below the list of sites that are programmed:

  • SD-TV21067 Raglan Close, Chandlers Ford
  • SD-TV21068 Knightwood Road, Chandlers Ford
  • SD-TV21070 Fleming Avenue, North Baddesley
  • SD-TV21071 Willis Avenue, North Baddesley

Each site will take 1-2 days to complete. Whilst the treatment is carried out, every effort will be made to minimise disruption to highway users. Where a second footway exists, pedestrian access to property will not be affected. Vehicular movement may be restricted due to the nature of the plant required and the treatment being wet when first laid. Pedestrians may be asked to wait until the product is dry before access is provided.

Whilst there is an allowance within the time periods shown above for delays, there may be times when we have to postpone works at short notice; based on the latest weather forecasts. We will always look to provide up to date information wherever we can, but sometimes these last minute decisions can be difficult to relay in a timely manner.

Information signs advising road users of the works will be erected before the start of works. A letter will be sent to local residents and businesses, and an email will be sent to Test Valley Borough Council and North Baddesley Parish Council to advise them accordingly.


For Information regarding Remembrance Sunday,
please see the "News" Section of the website



North Baddesley Parish Council is considering installing a Coffee Shop at their sports pavilion.  Councillors are looking for someone who is prepared to assist with the initial layout and design of the kiosk in the first instance, with a view to taking on the management of the coffee shop and day-to-day running.

It must be emphasised that alterations to the sports pavilion to install the kiosk have yet to take place but the Parish Council feels it would benefit a prospective manager to be involved in the initial design.

Anyone interested should contact the Clerk, email:


Audit of Accounts - 2020-21

I declare that the Audit of Accounts for 2020/21 has been completed.

To view a copy of the completed AGAR 2020-21 and Notice of Conclusion of Audit,
please see Council Documents/Audit.

Joan Harrington
Parish Clerk

11th September 2021


Useful Telephone Numbers

Unity - Transport Available to and from Vaccination Clinics

Nightingale Lodge Leaflet

Connect4communities Briefing Pack


Use of Recreation Ground

The football pitches on the pavilion side of the Recreation Ground are undergoing works set out in a 6-year plan of improvements using grant funding from the Football Association and are therefore out of use for the foreseeable future.

There are other areas available but, due to the large number of teams already using the grounds, space is very limited.

All facilities at the Recreation Ground have to be booked, through the Parish Clerk, well in advance.



Information and Guidance on Home Adaptation Needs for Older People

Environment Agency - Flooding Advice for the Public

Your area is using 10 million litres per day more water than normal -
Southern Water - Tips for Saving Water

For more information from Hampshire Councillors' Briefings,  Local Government Association Updates, Citizen's Advice and Mind (Andover), please see the "NEWS" section of this website.

Update on Closures and Cancellations as at 25th October 2021

The Sports Pavilion is now open.  The MUGA, skatepark, tennis courts and  children's playground are open.  

From 14th May 2021 all Parish Council meetings will be face-to-face unless Government guidelines state otherwise.

Village Day will be held on 21st May 2022. 


North Baddesley covers 794 hectares in the south-east of Test Valley, between Valley Park to the east, and the town of Romsey, to the west, and has a population of approximately 7,000.

The village is the 9th most densely populated ward in Test Valley and the main residential area is in the south-western corner.

The remainder of the ward is dominated by countryside with a few houses and small hamlets.

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