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Apprenticeships Workshop Poster - 22 August 2021

North Baddesley Youth Bulletin - 22 August 2021

Adult Community Activities Bulletin 2021 to 2022 -
September 2021 Issue 

Netball for Adults in North Baddesley

Youth Work and Community Development in North Baddesley

The aim of my role is to provide meaningful development opportunities for young people age 9-17 living in North Baddesley through young people’s voluntary participation, that will improve opportunities, access, development and aid with passage to employment and overall skills for young people.

This is achieved through a number of ways:

 Outreach youth work
 Detached youth work – engaging with young people who are disengaged
 Weekly youth club sessions
 Community Research

The Youth Club is based North Baddesley Sports Pavilion Every Monday 6-8pm 11-16 years

The goals of the North Baddesley youth provision are as follows:
 Deter anti-social behaviour through activity and activities
 Ensure all participants and especially those who are disenfranchised in any way are being engaged and engaging
 good and participatory citizenship
 inclusiveness and cohesiveness
 Cultural activities

Community research
During my time at North Baddesley I have conducted a range of community research with the aim of improving the youth provision that is provided through understanding the wants and needs of young people in the area.

This has taken the form of surveys, outreach youth work, focus groups, school visits and attending village events.

North Baddesley Youth Club
The youth club was opened at a launch event in June 2016 and ran successfully for 10 months every 1st and 3rd Monday.

Recently through networking and recruiting volunteers the club has doubled the amount of provision that is available to young people, as the youth club that is now open every Monday evening.

In March 2017, a launch event was held to promote the extended opening hours of the club. 80% of the young people that attended the launch event now attend the club on a weekly basis.

The event itself offered a number of activities to the young people, ranging from sumo suits to a healthy wrap making station.

North Baddesley youth club is a youth-lead youth provision. With assistance from my team and I the club structures the sessions and plan the activities they want to do and the skills they want to learn.

We are constantly reminded that it is their youth provision and this is ingrained in the way we work.

What do we do at youth club?

At each youth club session my team of volunteers and I put on a range of activities, designed in line with the framework of outcomes for young people from the Young Foundation 2012 and the objectives listed on page 1.

These activities are designed to complement their academic curriculum and provide them with extra life skills, awareness and confidence.

Above all, the priority of North Baddesley youth club is to provide young people with a safe place to socialise and learn.

Examples of the activities we offer are:
 Sports
 Tea games
 Cooking
 Xbox kinect
 Pool table tennis
 Bike workshop
 Culture
 Healthy eating
 Disability awareness
 Employability

At the youth club there is a core membership that turn up on a weekly basis and a number of others than come most weeks, and have done for the past year.

Our numbers have been increasing steadily since the revised opening hours in March 2017 as young people find our environment more stable and reliable.

We have a number of members who are shy and tend to avoid extra-curricular activities.

We are proud that these young people feel safe attending our sessions and that the popularity of the youth club, and the number of attendees, continues to increase.

Recruiting Volunteers
Although the club is currently running successfully thanks to the hard work of the volunteer team, however I am currently recruiting for more volunteers to support the running of the youth club.

I wish to expand the youth provision that the young people of North Baddesley are provided to include workshops, day and residential trips.

To run these activities, I require a larger team of volunteers and so that is where the focus of my efforts currently is.

Following the closure of 4Youth, the leading regional youth work training provider there has been a change in the way in which youth workers and volunteers are trained and the delivery of training that is offered in our area.

This has required me to network with other youth provision providers and large national organisations to arrange training for my volunteers both now and in the months and years to come.

The future of the youth club
The young members have created some new designs for the youth club logo.

We are working with local design company who are going to create the logo on a computer and then they will vote for their favourite digital version of the logo.

Alongside a continued marketing effort, training for existing and new volunteers and the expansion of the youth club with more volunteers and more activities offered.

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